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The Armchair Quarterbacks Fantasy Football League (AQFFL) was established in 2001 by a group of co-workers and friends who like to talk about football around the "water cooler" and at the same time have fun participating in the growing hobby of Fantasy Football. 

In 2013 we are entering our 13th season of AQFFL Fantasy Football.  Nearly a decade ago we expanded from our original eight team owner format to the current twelve team owner format.  In addition, we have changed from our original roster format starting two QBs to now starting only one.  We have also added a "Flex" position player (RB,WR, or TE) to our active rosters, and have continued to amend our League Constitution as deemed necessary. 

Early in the history of the league we enlisted CBS Sports to be our statistical provider and have continued to use their service over the years.  In recent years we have also started a "Winner's Pool" to reward the Armchair Bowl Champion with some cold hard cash.  The reigning Armchair Bowl Champion is Steve Kalinowski (2012). Past Champions are: Nathan Smith & Ryan Freivogel (2011), Gabe Smith (2010, 2009 & 2005), Ricky Wicks (2008), Bryan Payne & Bob Alberti (2007), Dan Hathcock (2006), Eric Little (2004), Justin Vitale (2003), Steve Kalinowski (2002) and Leo Merz (2001).    

Our league is currently a re-draft league with a keeper component, and has a head-to-head format.  Each of the three division winners and one wild card team make the playoffs.  The winner of the four-team "Championship Bracket" played in NFL Weeks 15 & 16 becomes the "Armchair Bowl Champion".  In 2012, we will crown our 12th "Armchair Bowl Champion".  Within the past eight years, we have also added a consolation tournament called the "Turkey Tourney" and a "Toilet Bowl Tourney" which crowns the leagues worst team as "Toilet Bowl Champion". 

A highlight of each season is our "Draft Day" which is a "live", in-person draft complete with a draft board, labels, Armchair Bowl trophy and a lot of team owner preparation and "trash talk".  In recent years, we have held our drafts at Hooter's restaurant to give it that special ambiance quintessential to a quality draft.

I hope you find this site enjoyable, easy to navigate, and full of useful features.  Thank you for visiting our site, and here's to another great Fantasy Football season in our thirteenth season 2013!

Keep Calm and Fantasy On!
John Kalinowski

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